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Post-Modernism states that there are no absolute truths.  Group A has their brand of religion and Group B has their flavour of religion, and so be it.  The quest for absolutes is based on false premises, according to post-modernism.  When groups negotiate, there is no real quest for truth and justice either; each group is merely an interest-group pushing its own selfish agenda.  Let everyone therefore live inside his own, subjective happy-bubble, and do not dare to burst my subjective happy-bubble, no matter how cuckoo it may seem to you – there are no absolutes; there are merely a collection of subjective bubbles inhabited by opinionated members of the Homo Sapiens species, grouped into fairly cohesive & rather selfish interest-groups. Post-Modernism has “taken over” most universities in the West; the Post-Modern “take” on life is characterised by skepticism, subjectivism and relativism, a general suspicion of reason, and an acute sensitivity to the role of ideology in asserting and maintaining political and economic power. In opposition to the Post-Modern denial of the absolute, stands the transcendental experience and weltanschauung (world-view) of the Way of Israel.  The Davar of God came to Moses and the prophets – the Word, the Logos (Greek),…

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