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Version Draft 03
Date 22 April 2014
Author Johann van Rooyen

Chronology and Authenticity of the Books in the NT

  • Chronological order of the books of the NT.
  • The 7 genuine or uncontested letters of Paul.
  • The 5 Pseudo-Pauline letters.
  • The single Deutero-Pauline letter 2Thessalonians, its sandwich structure, and the value of chapter 2.
  • Recognising Pauline theology in Mark, Matthew, Luke, John and Acts.
  • Recognising traces of anti-Pauline, anti-Herodian and anti-Roman parables in Matthew.
  • The two letters of “Peter” as 2nd century forgeries forgeries by Paulists.
  • Applying the CRITERION OF EMBARASMENT to salvage more authentic bits and pieces from selected material in the NT.

The Forgotten War: The Evyonim versus the School of Paul

    • The Ebionites.  The Recognitions of Clement and the Homilies of Clement the disciple of Peter, who is in turn a travelling inspector of overseas communities, who report to Ya’aqov ha-Tzadiq (James the Just).
    • James the Brother of Jesus in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Josephus and Patristic writings.  James the Just as prime candidate for the Moreh Tzedaqah and Moreh Tzedeq in the DSS, specifically in the Habakuk Pesher of the Qumran Community.
    • Paul as the Ish Kazav (Man of Lying) and the “Pourer out of Lying” in the “Jamesian” Habakuk Pesher of the Qumran Community.
    • The Letter of Peter to James in the Recognitions of Clement.  Paul as “the enemy” in Ebionite writings.
    • The War Scroll.  Holy War and its very high demand of Taharah (Purity) to allow the heavenly host of holy angels to join forces in the holy war of the Benei Ohr (Sons of Light) against the Benei Choshekh (Sons of Darkness).
    • The Damascus Document.
    • MMT.
    • The Chavaquq (Habakuk) Pesher.
    • The “Jesus Dynasty” and what we know about them.
    • The Ebionite view of the nature of the Messiah — Primal Adam (called Metatron in later Rabbinic writings) incarnates many times in human history as great teachers and leaders of Israel and also all of humanity.  Peter teaches Clement that “The Messiah has always been with us, from the beginning of history.”  An original early Ebionite view may have been that Yeshua bar Yosef was simply a temporary bearer of the messianic soul. (This view, of course, is completely non-Idolatrous.)
    • The massive tension between Ya’aqov haTzadiq (James the Brother of Jesus) and Paul, in the Habakuk Pesher, in many of Paul’s 7 genuine letters, and in the Letter of James.
    • The Torah of Mosheh as the “Dwelling for the Royal Nation Israel” in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
    • Letters of Recommendation with the seal of James the Just: How Paul bypassed and mocked this vital “Quality Control” measure imposed by the apocalyptic community of James the Just.
    • The Apostolic Delegation that travelled to Syria and Asia Minor (Anatolia; Turkey) to attempt to rescue the Paulist congregations from Paul and his dangerous teachings. Paul’s bitter outlash against them.
    • The Didache and its non-Pauline form of non-idolatrous early Ebionite “Christianity.”

Re-reading the NT

  • The concept Messiah in the TaNaKh.  The historical problem with the quality of Dawidic kings.  The great promise of a radically superior anointed Dawidic king — haMelekh haMashiach.  The 7-fold anointing of the anointed king as described in Sefer Yeshayahu.  The profound “yirat Shamayim” of this anointed king. The Mashiach as a vague, nameless future leader having a very specific job-description.
  • The Book of Matthew, chapter by chapter.
  • The Letter of James as 99% kosher “mussar” (ethical instruction and admonition).  The anti-Pauline instruction in the Letter of James.
  • “Paul and Jesus” by Prof James D Tabor — Christianity is Paul and Paul is Christianity.
  • The TWO COVENANTS: The Noachide Covenant and the Sinai Covenant.  The prohibition against forming a new religion.  The enduring validity of the Sinai covenant.  The “vile man” who will have no regard for the “chemdat nashim” and who will do wickedly against the Sinai covenant.
  • The “Christ Faith” developed by Paul.  Who taught Paul the “Christ Faith”?  The main tenets of the “Christ Faith.”  How Paul’s Christ Faith moved everything from Earth to Heaven, introduced a second power in Heaven, made faith in this second power in heaven the prerequisite for salvation, and replaced the “Faith of Jesus” by “Faith in Jesus.”
  • What is the Berit Chadashah, the New Covenant?  How Paul and his school abused this concept.
  • How the concepts “Mashiach” and “Moshi’ah” are confused in Paul’s teachings.
  • Recovering parts of the Ur-Text of the Jewish Apocalyptic Midrash that underlies Revelation 4-22.  Recognising and removing the Christian interpolations in the Book of Revelation.  Kosher, “un-damaged” teachings in the Book of Revelation, and how these match very well with rabbinic oral transmissions about Armilus and a false Elijah figure who will head the Benei Yishma’el at the Qetz Yamim.

Understanding souls, roots of souls, and the secret of the soul of Mashiach

  • Gilgul Neshamot
  • Gilgul neshamot (reincarnation of souls) in the Derekh Yisra’el and the NT.
  • The Ga’on of Vilna: A man’s Magid is the neshamah of his neshamah.  Oversoul, Uberseele.
  • Mashiach ben-Dawid as the neshamah of the neshamah of Mosheh.  Shiloh.  The Secret of the Soul of the Messiah (article by Rav Ariel bar-Tzadok).

The Sitre D’Achrah (Samekh-Alef)

  • Tahor and Tamei; Tum’ah; Koach Tum’ah; The Impure Forces — Kuchot Tumot
  • The Qlipot
  • Qlipat Nogah — the glowing qlipah
  • Depth-psychology and Unrectified Psychopathology of the two Alienated Brother — the Qlipah of Eisaw and the Qlipah of Yishma’el.
  • The soul of Eisaw-Edom on the world stage — how to recognise him.
  • The soul of Ishmael on the world stage — how to recognise him.
  • The generational rivalry between the unrectified psychopathology of the “alienated brothers” Ishmael and Eisaw-Edom, against Ya’aqov.
  • The reign of the evil Seleucid king Antiochus 4 Epiphanes, and the Maccabees.
  • The reign of the Wicked Armilus, according to the apocalyptic Midrashim.  Armilus haRashain Yeshayahu 11:4 in Targum Yonathan ben-Uzzi’el.
  • The “man of lawlessness” as the disguised magid, the directive higher soul, of Paul.  The shoresh (root) and the incarnations of this soul in history.  The soul of Eisaw and identity theft.
  • The Pre-Incarnate Armilus-AntiChrist-Beast as the hidden author of substantial sections in the NT; Pauline material in the NT as containing “planted” material “channelled” from an unclean source.
  • The unrectified psychopathology of Eisaw-Edom can be discerned in the sensationalist impartation of the “holy spirit” of Paulist Christianity.
  • The kosher blessing with “ruach ha-qodesh” or “divine inspiration” as taught in Torah-literature.  Quick overview of Mesilat Yesharim (Path of the Just) by the RaMChaL.
  • KIshuf — witchcraft and magig. Forbidden occult practices.

Doctrinal Disinformation of Christianity – Poetry is more Gripping than History

  • Forgiveness of Sins — teachings by Rabbi Michael Skobac and Rabbi Tovia Singer.
  • The two incompatible “flows” in the NT — Paul versus Jesus/James.  “Cross-Examining Pauline Christianity” by Rabbi Michael Skobac.
  • Recognising the “Five Faces of Jesus” in the NT.
  • The “Barabbas” cover-up and its evil goal of anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism. Manipulating and falsifying Pontius Pilatus.
  • Understanding the term “Barsaba.”  John the Immerser, Jesus, James and Peter as daily immersers or Sabeans.  The Sabeans (daily immersers) in the Qur’an and their faithful remnant in the marches of Iraq.
  • The Noachide directive of James the Just, and the possible real identity of the emissary who took James’ decree that gentiles who turn to HaShem must become Noachides, to the gentile world.
  • Paul as Herodian.
  • What the franchised pastors do not dare to teach: 1900 years of urgent warnings against Paul and Paulism.
  • Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation.  Martin Luther as a “spark of the soul of Paul” — an obsessed hater of Torah and Torah-Jews.
  • The Book of Acts, chapter by chapter.
  •  The two parts of Acts — the mythologising Acts 1 – 15, and the more factual Acts 16 — end — the “We document”.
  • Recognising the fingerprints of the “Joseph Goebels of the School of Paul” in Acts.
  • The mockery of Ya’aqov haTzadiq in Acts 1:23.
  • Peter re-invented as the “thrice framed” advocate for Pauline theology in Acts.
  • The word-play on the Roman “Lex Cornelius” law that forbade forced circumcision.
  • The fraudulent imposition of the character and teachings of post-80 CE Pauline “Christ Faith” communities, on the Jesus movement in the years 30 CE – 60 CE.
  • The deliberate obscuring of Ya’aqov haTzadiq (James the Just) in Acts.
  • The real story of Shim’on.
  • The real story of Shim’on Magus.
  • The real story of the “Ethiopian Queen.”
  • The real story of Zakkai (Zacheus).
  • Recognising the deceptive methodology of the author of Luke-Acts.
  •  Ignored in Acts: the death of James the Just and his succession by Simeon bar-Qlophah the Zealot.
  • Ignored in Acts: The Jesus Dynasty.
  • Recognising the nasty mockery against the person and leadership of Ya’aqov haTzadiq (James the Just) in Acts 1:23.
  • The Gospel artificers as bitter enemies of the family of Jesus and the original disciples.
  • The shell-game with names, such as “Mary the sister of Mary,” designed to obscure the unloved, undesired and embarrassing family of Jesus.
  • The role of Paul’s “handler” in Rome — Epaphroditus, the Secretary of Greek Letters of Caesar Nero and Caesar Domitian, and also the publisher of Josephus’ writings.
  • Prescribed material: Articles and books by Prof Robert Eisenman.
  • The great danger of an uncritical, Fundamentalist reading of the NT.

TiQNot (Rectifications) necessary to attain a proper WorldView

  • Angels and Demons.  Malakhim, Shedim, Earthbound souls in kaf ha-kelah, and Debuqim(soul-intrusion).
  • Gan Eden, GeyHinnom and Nishiah.
  • Debuqim and “earthbound souls” in Luke 8.
  • The concept of an Ibur — the neshamah of a Tzadiq is sent to lend vital assistance.
  • Prescribed book: Rav Ariel bar-Tzadok, Protection Against Evil (Shemirat Ra).
  • Ancestors and Communication with the Dead.
  • Life after Death — Video by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi.
  • Torah-Codes — Video by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi.  The TaNaKh as a reliable, inspired book, in contrast with the “NT” as generally unreliable and dangerous, even though a careful, scholarly selection of teachings from the NT can be useful to historians and even as mussar.

Jesus: bar-Yehosef or ben-Pandera?
(We will simply put the cards on the table, and say no more)

ReReading the TaNaKh

  • Yeshayahu 7-8 The war of Aram & Israel against Yehudah and the sign of the pregnancy of the Almah.  The sign of the pregnancy of the wife of Yeshayahu.  The sign of the names of the children.
  • Yeshayahu 9 The wicked king Achaz replaced by the righteous proto-Messiah Chizqiyahu.  Sancheiriv as prototype of Gog-u-Magog.  Chizqiyahu as proto-Mashiach.
  • Yeshyahu 11 Sevenfold anointing of haMelekh haMashiach.  His victory over the wicked Armilus in Targum Yonathan ben-Uzziel.
  • Yeshayahu 13-14 The “Lucifer” error.  Bavel haGadol.  The king of Babylon.
  • Yechezq’el 26-28 Why is the King of Tzor (Tyre) called an anointed Cherub who walked in Eden amidst gemstones.  The error of reading this passage as the “fall of Lucifer”.
  • Yechezq’el 34-37 The Nasi called “My Eved Dawid” as Ro’eh Tov – the true leader who serves HaShem.
  • Yechezq’el 43-45 — End of the Galut of the Shekhinah.  The return of the Kavod of HaShem, the Shekhinah.  The Nasi.  The last chapters of Sefer Yechezq’el as part of the literary genre “Hilkhot Melakhim.”
  • The redeemed KOL YISRA’EL, ruled by the NASI “AVDI DAWID” as ADAM in Sefer Yechezq’el.
  • Mikhah 5 — Beit Lechem as birthplace of King Dawid.  The TWO towns of Beit Lechem.  The location of the Galilean town Beit Lechem in the ancient tribal territory of Asher.  Video snippet about the possible real birthplace of Jesus.
  • Devarim 18 — Navi keMosheh – a Prophet like Moses.  Context Context Context… Disproof of the Islamic claim that this deals with Muhamad the Rasool of Islam.
  • The grammatical root Ch-M-D and its real meaning in Hebrew.  Disproof of the Islamic claim that “the name of Prophet Muhamed (mu-Ch-M-D) is found in the text of the TaNaKh.”
  • The created beauty of Chemdat Nashim and the contrasting unnatural attitude towards kosher male-female attraction in Paulist Christianity, read in the light of the somewhat vague intimation in Dani’el 11 that this unhealthy attitude to kosher heterosexual attraction may be a characteristic of the wicked Armilus.
  • The lamented pierced man in Zekharyahu 12 — Mashiach ben-Yosef.
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