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Why did Avraham Avinu (our father Avraham) pray and intercede on behalf of the wicked people of Sodom and Gomorrah?

It was because, in his day, Avraham Avinu stood in the capacity of the “Guarantor of Humanity”, the custodian of humanity, the representative interceding advocate who represented humanity before YHWH.

From Avraham’s prayer and the response of HaShem, we learn that populations and nations may be protected and spared from severe judgement, in the merit of the Tzadiqim (righteous ones) who dwell in their midst.

In 1929 the Chafetz Chayim gave a shalosh se’udot teaching (i.e. teaching after the 3rd meal of the shabbat) in Germamia shel Edom. His words were:

There is a fire that hangs over the world at all times which seeks to come down from the sky and consume the world.  The only thing which shields the world is the vapour which comes from the breath of innocent young children who are starting to learn Torah.  Since the Communists, Socialists, secularists and Reform Movement were taking the children out of yeshivot (Torah learning centres), the protective magen or shield which shields Am Yisra’el from the threatening fire, was disappearing and within 10 years this devouring fire is going to come down and consume European Jewry.  The Chafetz Chayim said that the troubles and killing that the Jews have suffered till then will be, by comparison, “a kinder shpeel” – child’s play.  Ten years later (1939) the “fire came down” – World War II started.  And, everything else was indeed dwarfed by comparison.

This sends a profound and frightening message to us.  HaShem demands, in the most serious of terms, that Israelites should serve Him, and do so with simchah, happiness, a good heart and a thankful attitude and appreciation for his gifts to them. This means that collective Israel today must “clean up their act,” especially in the most fundamental and serious areas, such as chilul HaShem (profanation of the Name of HaShem), anything punishable by death or karat (cutting off), all sinful interpersonal behaviour, weak midot (character traits) and derekh eretz (decent manners).  ChaZaL (sages whose memory are for a blessing) tell us that HaShem has infinite resources and emissaries.  He responds to Israel “measure for measure” for everything that they do. His infinite wisdom enables Him to match a perfect and just response to each and every situation.

The above holds primarily for the nation of Israel, but also for other nations — the descendants of Noach.  The books of the prophets clearly inform us that Almighty YHWH maintains concrete relations with each and every nation, and that he brings wicked nations under judgement.  In the Book of Yonah, e.g., the Ashurians were warned that they would be destroyed on the basis of the “HAMAS that was in their hand” — particularly in their capital city, Nineweh.  HAMAS refers to VIOLENCE, ROBBERY, VIOLENT CRIME, MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE, and also VIOLENCE against normal boundaries of sexual behaviour.  ChaZaL (Wise ones whose memory serves as a blessing), teach that the Dor haMabul (the Generation of the Flood in the days of Noach) were only destroyed after they began to issue formal marriage certificates for the union of males to males, and for the marital union of humans to animals.

The nations of the world are called to be monotheists practicing ABRAHAMIC FAITH.  We must study and teach TaNaKh (also called Miqra), Midrash, Musar and ChaZaL, as these pertain to universal human morality and proper behaviour.  Yeladim (youngsters) should be taught to pray and sing in sincerity to Almighty YHWH, who is echad — One and Unique. The vapour of their breaths protects  their nations against the threatening fire that always encircles the globe.  To teach children Divrei Torah — words of Torah — is to fill them with life.  It protects the world as a shield against the fire of judgement and utter destruction.


What are we teaching our children?

Which words and which songs are on their lips?

Torah? Reverence for HaQadosh Barukh Hu?

Or are their innocent young minds filled with images and words of violence, death, perversity, emptiness and idolatry?

US President Thomas Jefferson said, around the year 1820:

I fear for my country
For I know that God is just
And that his justice will not sleep forever…

Unless there is a whole-hearted turning away from empty lives and wasted time and addiction to ridiculously shallow entertainment — all of which make us empty and impure — the scorching fire of judgement WILL descend upon us.

I fear for my country
For I know that God is just
And that his justice will not sleep forever…

From the higher domains comes down Descending Light of sustenance and guidance.

Our actions and omissions send back to the higher domains: Ascending Light.

If the Ascending Light is continually severely blemished with emptiness and impurity, the result is a severe imbalance in the cosmos, in all the universes, in all realms. The blemished ascending light breaks down at the fabric of the higher worlds. The blemished ascending light must therefore be stopped.

The prophets uses simple, childlike anthropomorphic language to describe the effect of this cosmic imbalance, precipitated by continually and severely blemished Ascending Light. Their childlike, anthropomorphic picture-language for the cosmic imbalance between the quality of descending and ascending “light”, uses terms such as “God became angry.”

Life is serious business with a serious purpose; there is a Judge and Judgement in the Universe.

If we remain sleepwalkers, the fire of judgement will descend, will devour, will injure, will surely devastate…

I fear for my country
For I know that God is just
And that his justice will not sleep forever…

Why fear for our “Christian” country?  What is wrong?

Christianity worships a long deceased man as “god” — this is idolatry of class SHITUF.  Shituf is a type of Avodah Zarah (Strange Service) that teaches that God has a co-equal partner or partners.  This is an aveirah; it must end.

Christians customarily pray to this long deceased man as “god”.  This is idolatry as well as necromancy — communication with the dead is strictly forbidden in the Torah.

The “Jesus” idol of Christianity has practically nothing to do with the historical man from whom this name was “stolen” and who was then cunningly turned into a Hellenised idol of a Hellenised mystery religion.  The Jesus idol worshiped in Christianity is the dangerous, unclean, worship-craving Spirit-Guide whom Paul channelled.

The Paulist “Christ Faith” is the most popular religion in South Africa.  This religion is idolatrous and is NOT A VALID SPIRITUAL PATH.


There is DIN and DAYAN in the Universe…
There is Judgement and a Judge in the Universe…

At present everything is intermixed.  Good and evil are intertwined and are almost indistinguishable.  Therefore, in the time of the QETZ (the end), Almighty YHWH will bring the whole world into a state of BIRUR (a great, fearsome, violent shaking) so as to produce a maVDiL, a separation between good and evil.  The greater the intermixture of TOV and RA, Good and Evil, Functional and Dysfunctional, the more violent the shaking process (birur) will need to be.

We are shaken and we will be shaken, because we must WAKE UP.


I fear for my country,
For I know that God is just,
And his justice will not sleep forever…

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