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David Horowitz (1903–2002) was the founder of the United Israel World Union and one of eight children of Cantor Aaron and Bertha Horowitz whose family immigrated to the United States in 1914. He first went to the land of present-day Israel in 1924 as an ardent Zionist. He married and moved to Poland in 1927 where he lived with his wife’s parents during her pregnancy and played a part in trying to rescue European Jews from the Nazi plan to eliminate them as Germany conquered the countries of Europe during the 1939-1945 Second World War. He moved to the USA in 1943 where he became an accredited correspondent to the United Nations and founded the United Israel World Union.  The purpose of his organization was to preach a universal Hebraic faith for all humankind based on the Decalogue and the other universal “Noachide” commandments of the Torah.  The hallmark of the organization was the prophet Yeshayahu’s words, “My house will become a house of prayer for all peoples…”

AskNoah International — Exposition of the Seven Universal Commandments for all Mankind


The Divine Code — by Rabbi Mosheh Weiner


Prof Bart Ehrman  

Essential Study Material

Eisenman, RH.  1997.  James the Brother of Jesus.

Eisenman, RH.  Dead Sea Scrolls and the First Christians.

Eisenman, RH.  James The Just In The Habakkuk Pesher.

Eisenman, RH.  The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered.

Eisenman, RH.  Maccabees, Zadokites, Christians and Qumran.

James D Tabor.  2012.  Paul and Jesus.

James D Tabor.  2006.  The Jesus Dynasty.

Further Study Material

Ludemann, Gerd.  2002.  Paul: The Founder of Christianity.  Publisher: Prometheus Books.  290 pages.

Ludemann G & Boring ME.  1989.  Opposition to Paul in Jewish Christianity.  Publisher: Fortress Press.  384 pages.

Ludemann G & Hall, T.  2005.  The Acts of the Apostles: What Really Happened in the Earliest Days of the Church.  Publisher: Prometheus Books.  419 pages.

Maccoby, H.  1998.  The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity.  Publisher: Barnes & Noble Books.  238 pages.

Maccoby, H.  1981.  Revolution in Judea; Jesus & the Jewish Resistance.  Publisher: Taplinger Publishing Company.  260 pages.

Mason, S.  2002.  Josephus and the New Testament.  Publisher: Baker Academic.  336 pages

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