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Study Meetings:

  • Torah for Non-Jews.
  • Absolute Monotheism, free of idolatry.
  • Core Hebrew Vocabulary Development, based on reading selected “easy” sections of the TaNaKh and the Siddur (Prayer Book).
  • We teach TaNaKh, ChaZal (the sages of Israel) and also follow scholars such as Prof Robert Eisenman, Bart Ehrman, Prof James D Tabor and more.
  • We have available hundreds of hours of downloaded video and audio teachings by Rabbi Michael Skobac, Rabbi Tovia Singer, Rabbi Akiva Tatz and more.  Also: written and video material by Rabbi Yisro’el Chaim Blumenthal.  This public-domain material can be copied to your PC.

We can teach in Pretoria or Centurion — but not inside a beit avodah zarah.

Contact me at my POSTAL ADDRESS to request study material, a list of recommended books, or to arrange lectures.  Please provide your postal address for PARCEL delivery — printouts plus Flash Drive.

Kind regards

Johann van Rooyen
PO BOX 1288

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